【SHIRE】TAIWAN River Tracing Experience

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Best time to visit in 2017: Jun-Oct


River Tracing:

There are a lot of rivers in Taiwan due to the unique terrain, just like the blood vessel of us spreading Taiwan around, making a number of amazing spots. Let us go through the rivers like blood cells going through the blood vessel, get more amazing experience. Please refer to an immersive experience in Taiwan to view more special river tracing adventures.


Experience included:

Explore and experience the Shire, the amazing spot in Taipei. Our friendly team are on hand to guide you how to wade, climb, and trek through river, even to challenge jumping off rocks.



Approximately 6-7 hours ( 8:30am-15:30pm)

1.At Xiongkong bus stop – getting there

2.Wearing the equipment – suit for each river trekker’s requirement(15-30mins)

3.Going on an adventure – explore and experience the Shire

4.Off the equipment – unforgettable experience on the list (tick)


How to go:

Meeting Place – Xiongkong bus stop

1.Must have own transport – hard to take the public transport.

2.Pick up – Pick-up service is available for extra fee NT$200 per person. Departure from Dingpu MRT station gate 1 at 7:30am.


What to bring:

Personal tableware (ex. bowl and fork) for lunch

Swimming suit, clean clothes, big towel

Plenty of water, chocolate, snacks



• OFUCOS is an local expert team as a role of river tracing partner, sharing our experience.

• There is no signal area, please let your friends know where you are before attending the activity.

• Leaving any trash and ruining the area are prohibited.

• You could bring waterproof camera, Gopro and other photographic equipment with wearing accessories to avoid missing and safe problems when using handle or self-sticks.

• The experience of Jumping off rocks is only allowed following instructor’s guide.

• You will be responsible for the consequences, if no following the instructor’s guides.

• Because river tracing is a kind of high energy-consuming activity, during the date before river tracing please don’t stay up late, drinking and other acts result in health conditions.

• If you have any health conditions during the tour, please let us know as soon as possible, or you would be responsible for the consequences.


Tour price:

NTD 2800 per person,


Insurance, lunch, and river tracing equipment are included.

Each instructor leads a group of 5 people and is responsible for the safe tour and provides professional photo service.

Each group at least 4 people, and the group under 4 people will be combined with others.

The maximum number of participants is 10 per group.

The age of participants are not allowed under 16 years old.


How to book:

Download OFUCOS【SHIRE】application form

Fill in the application form and upload to OFUCOS facebook message

Please note us if you’re the Vegetarian.

Make the payment in advance via paypal account to [email protected]


Refund and Cancellation policy:

Cancellation more than 7 days prior to activity g date

-Full refund.

Cancellation within 7 days prior to activity g date

-Charge NTD200 from purchase amount.

Cancellation within 24 hours prior to activity g date

-No cash refund

Cancellation due to changing weather and environmental conditions prior to activity date

-Full refund or rescheduling another date

We reserve the right to change the duration and the given description of the tours in response to changing weather and environmental conditions.

We reserve the right to shorten or cancel tours if your health or ability is not appropriate for the tour on which you are booked and in such circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund.